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Title: The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology
Author: Abu Ma'shar
Translator, Editor: Dr. Ch. Burnett
Historical and Technical Annotators:
..............Dr.Ch.Burnett, Geoffrey Cornelius, Graeme Tobyn, Vernon Wells.
Publisher: ARHAT

--- Contents ---
Introduction i
The Text: Translation & Annotation iv
Chapter One: On the natures of the signs, their conditions and their significations 1
Chapter Two: On the Conditions of the Planets in themselves, the size of their bodies, and their conditions in relation to the Sun 14
Chapter Three: On the twenty-five conditions of the planets 22
Chapter Four: On the good fortune of the planets, their power, their weakness and their misfortune, the corruption of the Moon, and the knowledge of their dodecatemoria 31
Chapter Five: On the natures of the seven planets, the characteristic of their significations over existent things, and the Lords of the days and the hours 36
Chapter Six: On a summary of the description of the lots 41
Chapter Seven: On the knowledge of the years of the fardarat of the planets, the different arrangements of their years, and the terms of the Egyptians 50
Appendix --- List of Technical Terms 56
References 57


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