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Title: Harmonic Anthology
Author: John Addey(1920-1982)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
Chapter 1. The Search for a Scientific Starting Point, Part I John Adday 1
Chapter 2. The Search for a Scientific Starting Point, Part II John Adday 13
Chapter 3. The Discovery of the Scientific Starting Point John Adday 29
Chapter 4. The Basis of Astrology, Part I John Adday and Peter Roberts 43
Chapter 5. The Basis of Astrology, Part II John Adday 63
Chapter 6. Astrology and Genetics: Red Hair John Adday 75
Chapter 7. Seven Thousand Doctors John Adday 97
Chapter 8. The Nature and Origin of Degree Areas John Adday 111
Chapter 9. Harmonics and Hindu Astrology, Part I Charles Harvey 127
Chapter 10. Five-fold Divisions and Subdivisions John Adday 135
Chapter 11. The Maps of Deliquents, Comment John Adday 153
Chapter 12. The Unity of Harmonics Axel Harvey 159
Chapter 13. Michel Gauquelin Strikes Again, part I John Adday 167
Chapter 14. Michel Gauquelin Strikes again, part II John Adday 181
Chapter 15. Sex of Offspring and Father's Moon Position John Adday 189


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