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Title: Selected Writings
Author: John Addey(1920-1982)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
The Astrology of the Birth of Christ 1
The Magi 11
Astrology in the Dead Sea Scrolls 14
Shakespeare's Attitude To Astrology 24
Kipling and Astrology 30
Astrology and Linguistic Sounds 36
Astrology and Criminal Detection 45
Astrological Twins 54
St.Augustine, the Astrologer, Has Second Thoughts 66
Look Without Envy 67
John Couch Adams and Astrology 78
Charles E. O. Carter 83
Reflections on the Death of President Kennedy 87
Newton and Astrology 88
On the Discovery of Churchill's Time of Birth 89
Key Texts 94
Key Texts II 97
Key Texts III 101
Key Texts IV 105
Two Conversation Pieces 121
Uranus and Neptunus 123
Street Names 124
Why Study Astrology 125
Loch Ness Monster 126
Addey's Boat-Race Law 127
President's Address to the Astrological Association: June 1962 129
Astrology and Genetics 132
Astrolgy and the Statistical Method 135
On the Time of Birth 138
Astrology and the "Media" 142
The Soul and the Horoscope 146
An Astrological Folk Tale 150
The Planet Mercury 152
Introduction by the Author to the Harmonics Section 159
The Search for a Scientific Starting-point 163
The Discovery of the Scientific Starting-point in Astrology 173
Seven-thousand Doctors 189
The Nature and Origin of "Degrees Influence" 202
Fivefold Division and Sub-divisions in Astrology 214


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