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Title: On the Stellar Rays
Author: Al-Kindi
Translator: Robert Zoller
Publisher: The Golden Hind Press

--- Contents---
Introduction by Robert Hand
Introduction by Robert Zoller
9th Century Islamic Magic
Relevance for Today's Astrologer
The Problems of Translation
secundum speciem/ motus/ respectus/ oratio/ ratio/ passio
On the Stellar Rays
Chapter 1: On the Origin of Opinion
Chapter 2: On the Rays of the Stars
Chapter 3: On the Rays of the Elements
Chapter 4: On the Possible
Chapter 5: On Things Promoting
Chapter 6: On the Virtue of Words
Chapter 7: On Figures
Chapter 8: On Images
Chapter 9: On Sacrifices
Chapter 10: On the Beginnings of the Works


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