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Title: An introduction to Political Astrology(mundane astrology)
Author: Charles E.O. Carter(1887-1968)
Publisher: L.N. Fowler & Co.Ltd.

--- Contents ---
Foreword vii
Chapter I. The Aims And Subject-Matter 9
Chapter II. The Material Emplyed 16
.......Part One: Classification of material. Astro-geology and Astro-topology.
............................Eclipses and lunations. Great conjunctions.
Chapter III. The Material Employed 41
.......Part Two: Stations. Comets. Ingresses. The nativities of important persons. 41
Chapter IV. The Material Employed 58
.......Part Three: Inceptionals. The horoscopes of nations. Some special horoscopes. The New Year figure. 58
Chapter V. Historical Cycles and Newly Found Planets 73
Chapter VI. The Sun, Moon and Planets and the signnns and Houses in Political Astrology 88
Appendix I 94
Appendix II.......List of Cities with Suggested Astrological Affinities 97
Appendix III.......List of Countries with Suggested Astrological Affinities 100

--- Index of Horoscopes ---
Coronation of William I 25
Union of England and Scotland 26
United Kingdom 27
German Empire 31
Vernal Ingress 1914 45
Vernal Ingress 1939 47
Natus of King George VI 50
Natus of Queen Elizabeth 53
Natus of Price Charles 54
Fourth Republic(France) 61
United States of America 67
British Labour Party 68


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