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Title: Carmen Astrologicum
Author: Dorotheus of Sidon
Translator : David Pingree
Publisher: Ascella, Spica

--- Contents ---
Foreword by Nicholas Campion - Dorotheus of Sidon: His Life and Significance i

--- Book I ---
Judgements concerning nativities: on the upbringing and condition of the [Native] .
Ch.1 The Knowledge of the seven in longitude and latitude, and the triplicities of the signs 2
Ch.2 The exaltation of the planets 3
Ch.3 Judgement about the case of the native or his difficulty to his mother 3
Ch.4 Judgement concerning the matter of the upbringing of the native 4
Ch.5 On the superiority of the places 5
Ch.6 The power of the seven planets 5
Ch.7 The upbringing of natives, and for whom there will be an upbringing or for whom an... 6
Ch.8 Knowledge of the masculine and feminine "hours" of the nativity 8
Ch.9 The matter of bringing up again 9
Ch.10 Knowledge of what indicates whether the native and his mother are slaves or free... 9
Ch.11 The knowledge of how many will own the native if he is a slave 12
Ch.12 Consideration concerning the upbringing of the native, his condition 13
Ch.13 Knowledge of the lot of the father 17
Ch.14 The lot of the mother 17
Ch.15 Knowledge of the death of the parents of the native,... 19
Ch.16 Knowledge of whether the native will inherit his parent's property or not 21
Ch.17 Knowledge of how many will be born to the mother of the native 22
Ch.18 On the matter of brothers 23
Ch.19 The lot of brothers 23
Ch.20 Knowledge of the love of the brothers 24
Ch.21 Knowledge of the number of brothers and sisters 24
Ch.22 Knowledge of the matter of the fortune of the native and [his] property and his illness 28
Ch.23 Knowledge of the division of the planets with regard to good and evil 29
Ch.24 Judgements concerning the matter of fortune and property in nativities 30
Ch.25 On the knowledge of the excellence of fortune 37
Ch.26 The magnitude of fortune and property 38
Ch.27 The decline of status and disaster 41
Ch.28 Knowledge of masculine and feminine signs, eastern and western 44

--- Book II ---
Judgements concerning nativities: on marriage and children .
Ch.1 Marriage 47
Ch.2 Knowledge of the lot of wedding 49
Ch.3 Knowledge of the lot [in] the nativity of a woman 49
Ch.4 The lot of marriage 51
Ch.5 Knowledge of how many wives he will marry 54
Ch.6 Knowledge of the lot of wedding by day and by night 56
Ch.7 Knowledge of sodomy 57
Ch.8 Exposition of the matter of children 58
Ch.9 Knowledge of the number of children 59
Ch.10 Knowledge of lot of children 60
Ch.11 Lot of transit with respect ot children 61
Ch.12 Knowledge of females and males 62
Ch.13 Knowledge of whether females or males are more numerous 63
Ch.14 Aspect of trines, if one of the planets aspects another from trine 64
Ch.15 Quartile[aspect] 66
Ch.16 On the planets' aspect from opposition 70
Ch.17 Aspect of the planets from sextile 73
Ch.18 If Saturn is with one of the seven 73
Ch.19 If Jupiter is with one of the seven 74
Ch.20 Knowledge of the places of the planets 77
Ch.21 Arrival of the Moon in the places 77
Ch.22 Arrival of the Sun in the places 78
Ch.23 Arrival of Saturn in the places 78
Ch.24 Arrival of Jupiter in the places 79
Ch.25 Arrival of Mars in the places 81
Ch.26 Arrival of Venus in the places 82
Ch.27 Arrival of Mercury in the places 84
Ch.28 Arrival of Saturn in another's house 85
Ch.29 Arrival of Jupiter in another's house 86
Ch.30 Arrival of Mars in another's house 86
Ch.31 Arrival of Venus in another's house 87
Ch.32 Arrival of Mercury in another's house 87
Ch.33 Arrival of the planets, one of them in the house of another 88

--- Book III ---
Ch.1 Governors and indicators of the years of life 91
Ch.2 The haylaj 98

--- Book IV ---
Ch.1 The transfer of years 104

--- Book V ---
Interrogations .
Ch.1 Introduction 123
Ch.2 Judgement according to the crooked and the straight 124
Ch.3 Judgement according to the tropical [signs] 124
Ch.4 Judgement according to the twin [signs] 125
Ch.5 The corruption of the Moon 125
Ch.6 One who wishes to build a building 129
Ch.7 If you wish to demolish a building 129
Ch.8 To hire something or let it out for rent 129
Ch.9 Buying and selling 130
Ch.10 The buying of land 131
Ch.11 The buying of slaves 131
Ch.12 The buying of animals 132
Ch.13 If you want to free a slave 133
Ch.14 If you want to ask from a ruler or from a man for a request or a gift or other than this... 134
Ch.15 If you want to write to a man or you want to to teach a man a science or writing 134
Ch.16 Marriage and matrimony 135
Ch.17 The courtship of a woman, and what occurs between a wife and her husband when she... 138
Ch.18 A pregnant woman, if her child will die in her belly 140
Ch.19 Partnership 140
Ch.20 Debt and the payment for it 142
Ch.21 The journey 142
Ch.22 Departure from a journey 143
Ch.23 Buying a ship or building it 146
Ch.24 Commencing to build a ship 146
Ch.25 Commencing to row the ship in the water 147
Ch.26 Concerning books, messages or letters 151
Ch.27 Bondage and chains 152
Ch.28 Judgement about what may not be afterwards of a matter which one hopes for, or... 155
Ch.29 Query about the sick 155
Ch.30 The commencement of all things 156
Ch.31 Concerning the condition of a sick man 157
Ch.32 Concerning whether the property of the native will increase or decrease 157
Ch.33 Clarification of the matter of two adversaries, if they argue and plead before a judge... 158
Ch.34 Concerning whether a man will depart from his land 162
Ch.35 The matter of a theft that has been committed or something that has been lost 162
Ch.36 The runaway 174
Ch.37 The treatment of spirits 181
Ch.38 Someone wishes to retain [his food] or drink a medicine for diarrhoea, and the rest of... 182
Ch.39 Someone wishes to cut something from his body with a knife or scalpel, or to bleed a ... 182
Ch.40 If there is a infection in the eye or a covering over it or something of what is treated... 183
Ch.41 Illness as Qitrinus[Cedrenus] the Sadwali says 183
Ch.42 The will 190
Ch.43 On clarifying the phases of the Moon and the head of the dragon and its tail 191


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