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Title: Chronology of the Astrology of the Middle East and West by Period
Author: Robert Hand(19XX- )
Publisher: ARHAT

--- Contents (Written by Star Media)---
Preamble 1
I. Early Period 3
II. Early Greek Period 4
III. Hellenistic Period 5
IV. The Roman Era 7
V. The Byzantine Period 10
VI. The Classical Period in the Middle East 10
VII. The Arabic Era 11
VIII. Latin Period - Medieval 13
IX. Renaissance 15
X. The English Period and the Decline 18
On the Early Roots of Horoscopic Astrology 20
.......Mesopotamian Origins 21
.......Mesopotamian Astrology First Stages 23
.......What Happened Next 29
.......A Final Note on Zodiacs 34
Bibliography 35


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