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Title: Liber Hermetis
Author: Hermes Trismegistus
Translator: Robert Zoller ...Editor:Robert Hand
Publisher: Spica,
The Golden Hind Press(First published)

This edition published by Spica Publications
--- Contents ---
. Introduction to Liber Hermetis by Robert Hand i
. .......Some Probable Latin-Greek Word Connections iii
. Introduction by Robert Zoller v
. Here begins the book of Hermes Trismegistus 1
I On the 36 decans of the 12 signs and Their Forms and on the Climates and Faces Which Each of the Planets have in the Same Signs 1
II On the Masculine and Feminine Degrees of the Signs 4
III On the Bright Stars In Each Sign 4
IV On the Necessary Place 6
V Concerning the First Dangerous Year 7
VI Concerning the Dangerous Year 7
VII Concerning the Knowledge of the Danger:
.....................In What Time or Year It Happens
VIII Concerning the Month in Which the Native Will Die 8
IX On the Day of Death 8
X On Finding the Revolution of the Hour 9
XI On the Revolution of the Month 9
XII On the Useful and Non-useful Days 10
XIII On the Nutations of the Moon 10
XIV On the 12 Places 12
XV On the Climacteric Years 12
XVI Concerning the Consideration of the Figure 18
XVII On Marriage 21
XVIII Judgement of Marriage 22
XIX On the Parents 22
XX On Foreign-born Parents 23
XXI Likewise Concerning the Parents From the Conjunctions and Preventions and From these Figures 24
XXII Concerning which of the Parents Dies First 25
XXIII Exposition of the Five Planets to whom are allotted the Greater Years 26
XXIV On the Four Quarters of the Figure, How You are Able to Know the Four Ages in Nativities through Them 26
XXV Concerning the Fixed Stars: In Which Degrees of the Signs They Rise 27
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees of Aries 27
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Taurus 29
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Gemini 31
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Cancer 32
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Leo 34
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Virgo 35
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Libra 36
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Scorpio 38
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Sagittarius 39
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Capricorn 40
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Aquarius 42
. On the Fixed Stars and Degrees in Pisces 43
XXVI On the XII Places and the Signification of the Planets When They are Found in Them in Nativities 44
XXVII On the Defluxions of the Moon 50
XXVIII On the Conjunctions of the Moon 54
XXIX On Corporeal Passions 55
XXX On Brothers 56
XXXI On the Mutual Separation and Conjunction of the Five Planets and the Sun 56
XXXII On the Signs in Which the Planets are Located 58
XXXIII On the Separation and Void of Course Moon 66
XXXIV On the Planets Placed in the Terms 67
XXXV On the Virtue of the Triplicities and The Years of Life 71
. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are the First triplicity, by day the Sun; by night Jupiter 72
. On Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; the second triplicity, by day Venus, by night the Moon 74
. On the third triplicity of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, by day Saturn, by night Mercury 75
. On the fourth triplicity, namely Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, by Day Venus, and by night Mars 76
XXXVI On Biothanati, i.e., On Suffering Violent Death 77
XXXVII On the Death of the Brothers 80


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