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Title: Here & There in Astrology
Author: Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson(1893-1990)
Publisher: Graphics United

--- Contents ---
Notebook for the Sun
Notebook for the Moon
Notebook for Saturn
Notebook for Mars
Notebook for Mercury
Notebook for Jupiter
Notebook for Venus
Notebook for Neptune
Notebook for Uranus
Nodal Points of the Planets
How do you like being an Earthling?
The shape you are in
What you want and whether you get it
The planet that touches your life today
The T-square in your chart
Who's that knocking at my door?
The decisions that you will make
To warn or not to warn
The Solstice Points in your chart
The Marriage Sun
Recorded documents have astrological value
Birth of the wife in the husband's chart
The Diurnal chart
Johndro: best substitute for a natal chart
Correcting the time of birth
When and how progressions operate
The year of greatest peril
The planet's degree is your age at events
The way of a marriage
What else does it say?
Is it true, what they say about Bridey?
You ought to know better by then
Your planets in the natural wheel
Tears for a little boy
What is the nature of this event?

--- Chart ---
Chart A - Delineation of the natal Moon
Chart B - A natal chart for the parallel points
Chart C - The Duke of Windsor
Chart D - The Duchess of Windor
Chart E - George VI, King of England
Chart F - Benito Mussolini
Chart G - Queen Victoria of Breat Britain
Chart H - An accident-prone chart
Chart I - Chart for a T-square
Chart J - Chart for decision-points
Chart K - Natal chart for a suicide
Chart L - Harry S. Truman
Chart M - Chart for filing a document
Chart N - Birth of wife in husband's chart
Chart O - Birth of wife in husband's chart
Chart P - Birth of wife in husband's chart
Chart Q - Birth of wife in husband's chart
Chart R - Birth of wife in husband's chart
Chart S&T - A natal & its diurnal chart
Chart U - Chart of a pioneer woman
Chart V - A Life Cycle Chart
Chart W - A wedding chart
Chart X - A horary chart
Chart Y - Chart for a hypnotic trance
Chart Z - A tragic event
Chart 1 - The Landing of the Pilgrims
Chart 2 - Husband kills "other man"
Chart 3 - Repossession of an automobile
Chart 4 - A wedding ceremony
Chart 5 - Death during a blackout
Chart 6 - Arson to collect insurance
Chart 7 - The French sign the Armistice
Chart 8 - Explosion in a Texas school
Chart 9 - Legalizing a change-of-name
Chart 10 - Chart for a murder
Chart 11 - The Eruption of Mont Pelee
Chart 12 - Kidnap and murder of a child

--- Words ---
Mutual reception
As age-rulers
Degree and orb
Appeasing aspects
Parallel of Declination
Progressed aspects
Malefic Fixed Star degrees
Critical Degrees

Unfortunate houses

The Part of Mis-fortune

Solstice Points(Antiscia)
Decision Points
The Arabian Points
Horizontal & Meridian Parallel Points



The #14 Theory


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