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Title: Primary Directions and History of the Astrological Prognosis / Volume 1
Author: Rumen Kolev(1960- )
Publisher: Placidus Research Center

--- Contents ---
The Riddle of the Prediction, the Death of Henry 2
Gauricus, The King, The Prediction 4
II. Behind the Curtain of Time 7
Modern Explanations, Argolus 7
The Missing Sentence 14
A Very Bold Rectifier 17
III. Medieval Astrological Prognosis 26
Primary Directions 26
The Lord of the Year 30
The Lord of the Terms 34
The Lord of the Circle of Time 36
The Lord of the Rays 38
Decennaries, Fridaria 41
Three Predictive Systems: Ptolemy, Unkown from 1460, Gauric 44
IV. Recasting the Prophecy 46
Index of Portraits, Title Pages and Charts 56


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