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Title: Martial Art of Horary Astrology
Author: J. Lee Lehman(19XX- )
Publisher: Whitford Press

--- Contents ---
Acknowledgements 5
Table of Examples 6
Part One: Introduction to Horary in General .
.......White Belt: Why this book & Why the title. 9
.......Yellow Belt: What is horary astrology? Where & when? Asking & negotiating the question. 11
.......Green Belt: Before you run the chart. General delineation methods. Considerations against judgment. Timing & direction. 22
.......Blue Belt: Other considerations. Orbs, antiscia, sect, pitted & other degree types. Mute signs & other sign classifications. 47
Part Two: Specific Types of Questions .
.......1. Affairs of the 1st House: Planes, trains & automobiles, Health & happiness (maybe not in that order) 56
.......2. Affairs of the 2nd House: Money 70
.......3. Affairs of the 3rd House: Is the rumor true? Short trips. Neighbors. Siblings 84
.......4. Affairs of the 4th House: Housing, Buried treasure, Removal & lost items 105
.......5. Affairs of the 5th House: Sex, Children, Agents, The stock market & other gambling 135
.......6. Affairs of the 6th House: Health, Pets, Working conditions & Hiring 154
.......7. Affairs of the 7th House: Marriage & partnership, Theft, Fugitives, Buying, Selling, Competitions, Lawsuits & wars, Open enemies 181
.......8. Affairs of the 8th House: Death, Inheritance, Debts, Taxes & Insurance 224
.......9. Affairs of the 9th House: Travel, Religion & Education 244
.......10. Affairs of the 10th House: Promotions, Honors & Higher-ups 261
.......11. Affairs of the 11th House: Friends, Organizations & Administrative bodies 275
.......12. Affairs of the 12th House: Enemies, Imprisonment & Obsessions 283
Part Three: Advanced Concepts .
.......13. Red (Brown) Belt: Alternate Methods: Distinguishing between multiple members of a class. Revisiting the 5th & 7th Houses; Consultation Charts. 292
.......14. Earning your horary black belt 317
Appendix A. Synopsis of Classical Concepts Necessary to Understand Horary 318
Appendix B. Who Were Those Guys, Anyway? 324
Appendix C. Glossary 326
Appendix D. Table of Essential Dignities 330
Appendix E. Cross Reference List of Methods 331
Endnotes 333
Index 343
About the Author 352


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