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Title: Astrologia Gallica Books 13,14,15,19
Author: Jean-Baptiste Morin/Morinus/(1583-1656)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
. Book 13: The Proper Natures and Strengths of the Individual Planets and the Fixed Stars .
. Translator's Preface 5
SECTION I The Elemental, Etheric and Celestial Nature of the Planets .
. Preface 9
Chapter 1. That Ptolemy, Cardin and the Other Old Astrologers made Many Errors in Handing Down the Elemental Nature of the Planets 11
Chapter 2. In Which the Elemental Strengths of the Individual Planets are determined from the Experiences of Astrologers with Respect to the Terrestrial Globe 20
Chapter 3. In How Many Ways a Superior Planet by Its Own Nature with Respect to Us is increased or decreased 25
Chapter 4. The Ethereal Nature of the Planets in General 42
Chapter 5. The Celestial Nature of the Planets in General 43
Chapter 6. What the Planets do with Their Individual Natures 44
SECTION II The Various Divisions of the Planets .
Chapter 1. Masculine and Feminine Planets 46
Chapter 2. Diurnal and Nocturnal Planets 50
Chapter 3. Benefic and Malefic Planets 59
SECTION III The Proper Celestial Nature of the Individual Planets, and also about the Fixed Stars .
Chapter 1. How Difficult it is to define the Proper Influences of the Individual Planets 70
Chapter 2. By What Theory the Influences of the Planets, with Respect to Men, can be investigated and defined 73
Chapter 3. The Strength of the Planets by Analogy 80
. Table of the Universal Rulerships of the Planets 85
Chapter 4. The Influences of the Jovial Planets 106
Chapter 5. The Proper Influence of the Fixed Stars 106
Appendix 1. Table of the Bright Fixed Stars for 1 January 1600 115
Appendix 2. Table of the Bright Fixed Stars for 1 January 2000 116
. Index of Persons 117
. Bibliography 119
. . .
. Book 14: The Primum Caelum and its Division into Twelve Parts .
. Translator's Preface 5
SECTION I The Prime Physical Cause and the 12 Divisions .
Chapter 1. Among the Effective Physical Causes, there is One that is First and Most Universal of All, and that is the Primum Caelum 12
Chapter 2. The Primum Caelum consists of Diverse Virtue 15
Chapter 3. The Primary and Actual Divisions by Nature 16
Chapter 4. The Secondary and Virtual Division by Nature 18
Chapter 5. The Proper Elemental Natures of the Individual Signs are investigated and proved 23
Chapter 6. The 12 Divisions or the Signs cannot be established in any other Caelum than the Primum Caelum, and What is a 12th Part 30
Chapter 7. What Kind of Error Concerning the Elemental Natures of the Signs was introduced by Ptolemy and Cardin 36
Chapter 8. What Objections were made by Pico Mirandola and Alexander de Angelis to the Division of the Zodiac into 12 Signs 38
Chapter 9. How Outstanding are those Things that follow from the Causes of the Division of the Caelum assigned above 44
SECTION II The General Divisions of the Signs for the Whole Earth .
Chapter 1. The Fire, Air, Water and Earth Signs 47
Chapter 2. The Choleric, Sanguinary, Phlegmatic and Melancholy Signs 48
Chapter 3. The Masculine and Feminine Signs 49
Chapter 4. The Diurnal and Nocturnal Signs 52
Chapter 5. The Northern and Southern Signs 53
Chapter 6. The Mobile, Fixed and Common Signs 53
Chapter 7. The Commanding and Obeying Signs 55
Chapter 8. The Antiscion Signs 57
Chapter 9. The Signs that aspect Each Other and those that do not 59
Chapter 10. The Conjunct and Inconjunct Signs 61
Chapter 11. Some other Divisions of the Signs that should plainly be rejected 62
Chapter 12. The Constellations of the Firmament 63
. Index of Persons 67
. Bibliography 69
. . .
. Book 15: The Essential Dignities of the Planets .
. Translator's Preface .
. Preface 5
Chapter 1. Whether the Signs of the Zodiac are of the Same Nature and Virtue throughout the Whole Earth 7
Chapter 2. At the Beginning of the World the Zodiac was divided by the Sun into Parts Comformable to the Individual Planets by their Elemental and also their Influential Nature 26
Chapter 3. In Which the Influential Natures of the Signs are disclosed and the Domiciles of the Planets established 27
Chapter 4. The Exiles of the Planets 35
Chapter 5. The Exaltations and Falls of the Planets 36
Chapter 6. The Triplicities of the Planets, or the Trigons and Trigon Rulers according to the Opinions of the Ancients 42
Chapter 7. The Trigons and Trigon Rulers according to our Opinion 45
Chapter 8. To What Regions of the World the Trigons pertain; And Consequently which Regions of the World the Trigon Rulers Principally rule 50
Chapter 9. Some Things that should be Particularly noted about these Trigons and their Rulers 54
Chapter 10. The Faces or Personalities or the Almugea of the Planets 56
Chapter 11. The Thrones, Seats, or Chariots of the Planets 58
Chapter 12. The Joys of the Planets 59
Chapter 13. The Terms, Novenas, Decans, Dodecatemories, etc., of the Planets in the Individual Signs; then the Light and Smoky Degrees, the Pits, the Vacant Degrees and the Monomoiriae 60
Chapter 14. The Friendships and Enmities of the Planets among Themselves 65
. Index of Persons 69
. Bibliography 71
. . .
. Book 19: The Elements of Astrology, or the Principles of Judgments .
. Translator's Preface 5
. Preface 7
. Definitions 8
. Postulates 9
. Theorems 17
. Index of Persons 31
. Bibliography 32


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