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Title: Astrologia Gallica Book 22: Directions
Author: Jean-Baptiste Morin/Morinus/(1583-1656)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
SECTION I The Definition, Terms and Division of Direction .
Chapter 1. What an Astrological Direction is: and What its Termini are; and how many Kinds of it there are 1
Chapter 2. The Kinds of Future Events, both Universal and in the Human Species, arising from Celestial Causes; and what Future Events the Astrologer should Announce 4
Chapter 3. The Significators of Things that will take place for a Man; and their General Definition and Number 7
Chapter 4. The Promittors of Future Things from the Stars for a Man; their Definition and Number 13
Chapter 5. The Formal Difference between a Significator and a Promittor, and their other Differences 14
Chapter 6. Which Significator Ought to be Directed for Which Things 16
Chapter 7. How many Kinds of Directions there are; whether Planets and the Cusps of Houses ought to be Directed against the Succession of the Signs; then, which of the Termini of a Direction is said to be the Significator and which the Promittor and why 20
Chapter 8. In which the Various Methods of Artificial Directions Used by Astrologers are Set Forth, and the False ones Rejected 29
Chapter 9. That the Way of Directing by Ascensions given by Ptolemy in Natural and True, but Hitherto Understood by Few 31
SECTION II. The Latitude of Significators and Promottors in Directions .
Chapter 1. Whether it is Right to use the Latitude as well as the Longitude of Significators and Promittors in Directions 41
Chapter 2. How the Aspects of the Planets may be Corrected for Directions both with Longitude and with Latitude 43
Chapter 3. In which a Table of Corrections of Aspects of the Planets for Directions that we have Corrections of Aspects of the Planets 44
Chapter 4. Whether the aspects of the planets ought to be Considered in the Equator as well as in the Ecliptic. And what should be Judged about the Direction of Aspects that are Distorted in the Equator by the Long or Short Ascensions of the Signs 59
Chapter 5. Whether Directions to the Antiscions of the planets and to the Nodes of the moon are Efficacious 62
Chapter 6. Whether the Directions of the fixed stars and the Part of Fortune are Efficacious 63
Chapter 7. Judgment should not be Rendered on a Given nativity without having Considered the Directions 65
SECTION III. The Motion or State of Rest of the Termini of a Direction; and the Measure of a Direction .
Chapter 1. Whether a Direction and its Effect are made by any Physical Motion of one Terminus to the Other 67
Chapter 2. How by means of Termini that are Quiescent or Fixed in the Caelum their Effects may be Produced on Earth through their Concourse in Directions. And how their effects, which Remain in Force for so Long, Finally Burst Forth into Action 70
Chapter 3. The Various Opinions of the Old and Modern Astrologers on Converting the Measure of the Arc of Direction into time. And which of these seems Truer to Us 77
Chapter 4. In which the Tables of Naibod and Magini are set forth for the Conversion of Time into Arcs of the Equator and vice versa 81
Chapter 5. Whether the Arcs of Direction of all Significators or Promittors Should have the Same Common Measure; and what the Logic of that Measure is 85
Chapter 6. Whether the Effects of Directions are Brought Forth at the Precise Time when the Arc of Direction Corresponds Precisely to their own Measure 88
SECTION IV The Effects of Directions .
Chapter 1. How Difficult it is for a man to Predict the Kind of Effect Signified by any Direction 93
Chapter 2. How it may be known Whether a Given Direction is Going to Produce any Effect, and what Kind it is Going to be 96
Chapter 3. By what Means as Astrologer can Arrive at an Understanding of the Type of Effect from the Direction Producing it 102
Chapter 4. From what Sources the Certitude and Intensity of Effects may be Chosen through the Directions of the Signficators 109
Chapter 5. Some things Universal as well as Particular that must be Noted in Donnection with Directions 113
Chapter 6. The Extraction of Figures from the Figure of the Native for other Persons Related to Him. Then, the Directions of Significators of these Persons and their Effects 118
Chapter 7. Whether at the Native's Death there is a Cessation of the Celestial Influx from his natal Figure upon his Parents, Brothers, Spouse, Children and other Persons Belonging to him and Surviving him 136
SECTION V In Which Objections against the Doctrine of Directions are Considered and Disproved .
Chapter 1. Pico Mirandola's Objections to Astrological Directions and the Refutation of those Objections 139
Chapter 2. In which Alessandro de Angelis's Reasons against Directions are Proposed and Refuted 145
Chapter 3. In which Sixtus ab Humminga's Reasons against Astrology, and especially against Directions, are Refuted 148
Chapter 4. In which the Truth of the Doctrine of Directions is Demonstrated in the Chart of Sixtus ab Hemminga 156
Chapter 5. In which We Propose and Resolve Objections of no small Import 163
APPENDIX 1. Jerome Cardan on the Latitude of Aspects 167
APPENDIX 2. J.B. Morin on the Mundane Position of Aspects 173
APPENDIX 3. The Solar Eclipse of 8 April 1652 189
APPENDIX 4. Some Horoscopes Mentioned in the Text 193
APPENDIX 5. Regiomontanus Primary Direction Formulae 203
BOOK II. Chapter 3. How Many Years Passed between the Creation of the World and the Incarnation of Christ; and from then to this Year 1648 according to the Method of Numeration used by the Church 207
BOOK VIII. Table of the Universal Rulerships of the Planets 209
BOOK XV. . .
Chapter 6. The Triplicities of the Planets, or the Trigons and the Trigon Rulers According to the Opinions of the old Astrologers 225
Chapter 7. Trigons and Trigonocrators According to Our Opinion 227
Chapter 8. To Which Regions of the World the Trigons Pertain; and Consequently Which Regions of the World the Trigonocrators Principally Rule 230
Chapter 9. Some Things about these Trigons that should be Especially Noted 233
Chapter 10. The Faces or Persons or Almugea of the Planets 234
Chapter 11. The Thrones, Seats, or Chariots of the Planets 236
Chapter 12. The Joys of the Planets 236
Chapter 13. The Terms, Novenas, Decans, Duodecatemories, etc. of the Planets in the Several Signs of the Zodiac. Then, the Light, Smoky, Pitted and Empty Degrees of the Signs, their Monomoiriai, etc. 237
Chapter 3. The Special Division of the whole Caelum into Twelve Astrological Houses with respect to the Person being Born 241
Chapter 6. Things to be Particularly Noted about the Significations of the Houses 242
Chapter 7. The Extrinsic Strength of the Planets arising from their Reception in the Signs of the Zodiac 245
Chapter 7. The Action of the Constellations and of the Fixed Stars on these inferior Things; and the Dependence in Action of some of these on the Twelfths and the Planets 249
Chapter 18. The Universal Laws of Judgments on Solar and Lunar Revolutions of Nativities 257
Chapter 19. Compendiously Embracing General Things that must be Looked at in Revolutions, with a Directory of Judgment 266
Chapter 20. A Caution of no small Importance that Must be Observed in Judging Revolutions 268
Chapter 12. Whether the Planets act upon the Native through their Syzygies outside of the Places of the Geniture through which their Transits are Customarily Made, and How and When 271
Chapter 13. Aphorisms of the Principal Laws of Transits 272
Chapter 14. How, from What has been Explained so far, Future Events can be Predicted from the Stars with Regard to the Type, the Year, Day and Hour 276


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