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Title: Astrologia Gallica Book 23: Revolutions
Author: Jean-Baptiste Morin/Morinus/(1583-1656)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
. Translator's preface ix
. Book Twenty-Three .
Preface . 3
Chapter 1. What Astrologers Consider to be a Revolution, and How Many Kinds of Them There Are 3
Chapter 2. The Mundane Revolutions of the Planets 5
Chapter 3. The Genethliacal Revolutions of the Planets, their Force and Utility 6
Chapter 4. For What Place Should the Figure of a Revolution be Erected 9
Chapter 5. How a Genethliacal Figure of a Revolution of the Sun May be Erected 11
Chapter 6. Whether the Celestial Bodies are Again Determined to the Native, and by How Much 20
Chapter 7. Whether the Figure of a Solar Revolution can Prevail Against or Over the Figure of the Geniture or Anything not Signified by the Nativity. A Doctrine Set Forth with Reasons and 25 Figures 23
Chapter 8. Whether the Annual Status of the Native can be Sufficiently Known from the Revolution of the Sun Alone if the Revolutions of the Other Planets are Omitted 66
Chapter 9. How the Figure of the Revolution of the Moon should be Erected 69
Chapter 10. In Which the Force of the Revolutions of the Moon is Shown Through Their Effects in Several Genitures 70
Chapter 11. Whether the Genethliacal Revolutions of the Sun and the Moon Should be Distributed in Quarters, and Whether Their Figures Should be Inspected for Accidents Signified by those Revolutions 88
Chapter 12. Whether Revolutions Without the Concurrence of Directions can Have any Effect on the Native 91
Chapter 13. In Which the Accompaniment of Radical Directions by Revolutions of the Sun is Proved by Many Examples 93
Chapter 14. In What Way Revolutions Act; and What Must be Noted both Generally and in Particular about the Times of Their Actions 103
Chapter 15. Whether Their Own Directions Should be Assigned to Revolutions of the Sun and the Moon, and in What Way and the Measure of Time 106
Chapter 16. In Which the Verity of Revolutionary Directions is Proved by Many Examples in Revolutions of the Sun and the Moon 114
Chapter 17. The Ruler of the Revolution 125
Chapter 18. The Universal Laws of Judgments on Solar and Lunar Revolutions of Nativities 129
Chapter 19. Compendiously Embracing General Things that must be Looked at in Revolutions, with a Directory of Judgment 137
Chapter 20. A Caution of no Small Importance that Must Be Observed in Judging Revolutions 138
Appendix 1. The Equation of Time 141
. Index of Persons 143
. Bibliography 146


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