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Title: Tetrabiblos
Author: Claudius Ptolemy(100?-170?)
Translator: J.M.Ashmand
Publisher: Astrology Classics

--- Contents ---
. Book I .
I. Proem 1
II. Knowledge may be Acquired by Astronomy to a Certain Extent 2
III. That Prescience is useful 8
IV. The Influences of the Planetary Orbs 13
V. Benefics and Malefics 14
VI. Masculine and Feminine 14
VII. Diurnal and Nocturnal 15
VIII. The Influence of Position with Regard to the Sun 16
IX. The Influence of the Fixed Stars 16
X. Constellations North of the Zodiac 19
XI. Constellations South of the Zodiac 20
XII. The Annual Seasons 21
XIII. The Influence of the Four Angles 21
XIV. Tropical, Equinoctial, Fixed, and Bicorporeal Signs 23
XV. Masculine and Feminine Signs 23
XVI. Mutual Configurations of the Signs 24
XVII. Signs Commanding and Obeying 26
XVIII. Signs Beholding each other, and of Equal Power 26
XIX. Signs Inconjunct 27
XX. Houses of the Planets 28
XXI. The Triplicities 29
XXII. Exaltations 31
XXIII. The Disposition of the Terms 32
XXIV. The Terms(According to Ptolemy) 35
XXV. The Places and Degrees of Every Planet 36
XXVI. Faces, Chariots, and other similar Attributes of the Planets 37
XXVII. Application, Separation, and other Faculties 38
. Book II .
I. General Division of the Subject 40
II. Peculiarities Observable throughout every Entire Climate 41
III. The Familiarity of the Regions of the Earth with the Triplicities and the Planets 43
IV. The Familiarity of the Regions of the Earth with the Fixed Stars 52
V. Mode of Particular Prediction in Eclipses 52
VI. The Regions or Countries to be considered as liable to be Comprehended in the Event 53
VII. The Time and Period of the Event 54
VIII. The Genus, Class, or Kind, Liable to be Affected 55
IX. The Quality and Nature of the Effect 58
X. Colours in Eclipses, Comets, and Similar Phenomena 62
XI. The New Moon of the Year 63
XII. The Particular Natures of the Signs by which the Different Constitutions of the Atmosphere are Produced 64
XIII. Mode of Consideration for Particular Constitutions of the Atmosphere 66
XIV. The Signification of Meteors 68
. Book III .
I. Proem 71
II. The Conception, and the Parturition, or Birth; By Which Later Event the Animal Quits the Womb, and assumes another State of Existence 72
III. The Degree Ascending 74
IV. Distribution of the Doctrine of Nativities 75
V. The Parents 77
VI. Brothers and Sisters 81
VII. Male or Female 82
VIII. Twins 83
IX. Monstrous or Defective Births 85
X. Children not Reared 86
XI. The Duration of Life 88
XII. The Prorogatory Places 88
XIII. The Number of Prorogators, and also the Part of Fortune 89
XIV. Number of the Modes of Prorogation 91
XV. Exemplification 96
XVI. The Form and Temperament of the Body 100
XVII. The Hurts, Injuries, and Diseases of the Body 106
XVIII. The Quality of the Mind 107
XIX. The Diseases of the Mind 114
. Book IV .
I. Proem 117
II. The Fortune of Wealth 117
III. The Fortune of Rank 118
IV. The Quality of Employment 120
V. Marriage 124
VI. Children 128
VII. Friends and Enemies 130
VIII. Travelling 132
IX. The Kind of Death 134
X. The Periodical Divisions of Time 137
. Appendix .
I. Amalgest, Book VIII, Chap.4 144
II. Extract from the Amalgest, Book II, Chap.9 147
. .....Table of Latitudes, from the Amalgest 151
. .....Extract from the Table of Ascensions, in the Amalgest 152
III. Ptolemy's Centiloqquy 153
IV. The Zodiacal Planisphere, and Plate 161


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