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Title: Astrological Guide to Your Sex Life
Author: Vivian E. Robson(1890-1942)
Publisher: Astrology Classics

--- Contents ---

Part One : Astrological Analysys of Your Star Sex Symbol
1. The Sex of the Astrological Factors
2. The Sex of the Native
3. The Sex Outlook of the Signs
4. The Houses and Marriage
5. The Seventh House
6. The Influence of Planets in the Seventh House

Part Two : The Stars' Influence on Sexual Abnormalities
7. Sexual Abnormalities
8. Homosexuality
9. Sadism
10. Masochism and other Abnormalities
11. Marriage
12. Irregular and Illegal Unions

Part Three : Happy Marriage Determined by the Position of Your Stars
13. Marriage or Celibacy
14. Determining the Date of Marriage
15. The Marriage Partner
16. How to Read Details
17. How to Compare Horoscopes
18. The Effect of Aspects between Horoscopes
19. Mundane Comparison
20. Directional Comparison
21. The Hindu Method of Comparison
22. Choosing the Wedding Date
23. The Consummation of Marriage
24. Classified Rules and Aphorisms
Appendix. For the Beginner


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