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Title:Uranian Astrology Guide plus Ephemeris
Author: Sylvia Sherman and Jori Frank-Manske
Publisher: American School of Astrology Inc.

--- Contents ---
Definition. Location. Calculation. Delineation.
Chapter 1. A New System is Born
Divine Order. History. Alfred Witte. Challenging Variations.
Chapter 2. Sensitive Points
Definition. The Intrinsic Points. The Visible Planets. The Transneptunian Planets.
Chapter 3. House System
The Meridian Horoscope. The Ascendant Horoscope. The Sun Horoscope. The Moon Horoscope. The Earth Horoscope. The 360 Degree Wheel.
Chapter 4. The Planetary Symmetry
Hard Angles. The 90 Degree Wheel. Sums. Half-sums. The Signs of the Zodiac. Delineation of Symmetry.
Chapter 5. Antiscia
Chapter 6. Predictability
Fiscal Date. Secondary Progressions. Solar Arc Directions.
. Ephemeris of Transneptunian Planets 1900-2000 77
Appendix I: Tools and Methods for Calculating Fundamental Sensitive Points 181
Appendix II: Wheels and Graphs 185
Index . 189


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